LOVE Island’s new arrival Maura Higgins underwent a dramatic transformation before entering the villa.

Most Instagram models have a high number of Instagram followers, these followers keep re-assuring these models about their success. Similarly, the 28 year old Instagram model, Maura Higgins is a rising star in the LOVE Island’s villa.

Maura has an amazing tan skin, completely filled up perfect lips, curves of an ideal model and gorgeous eyes. However, this was not always the case. Maura’s before and after pictures says other things. In fact, many are curious whether she has gone through plastic surgery because Maura’s pictures taken from the 2012 shoots were completely different.

In these old pictures, Instagram follower’s from instaboostgram favorite star is posing for a shoot, revealing her pale white skin, her thin lips and almost no curves at all. At the time of this old shoot, Maura was only just 21 years old. She has had an amazing modeling journey throughout her profession and even has the opportunity to star in music video by the One direction’s singer, Liam Payne.

The recent photos taken of Maura revealed completely different features of the model. She had plumped lips, which are almost thrice the size of her natural ones. Not just that but her boobs are now larger in size and her bum as well, when compared to her original body shape. It seems quite evident that this Instagram model has had more than a few surgeries done to achieve her perfect looks. However when Maura, the Irish beauty was asked to rate herself as a number from one to ten, she said that she thinks she is a seven, although she believes her most attractive feature are her eyes, for which Maura gets complemented a lot for. As for her personality and the person she is in general, Maura described herself to be a confident woman who is not cocky at all and she hopes that the boys in the villa are impressed by her gorgeous eyes, as they are her favorite feature.

Maura made a late entrance to the reality T.V show; Love Island. And before she entered the villa, she completely transformed her looks from a pale looking model to the bombshell that she has become now. Her transformation is playing huge roles to make heads turn in the villa, especially those of the men in there.

When Maura was questioned about her intentions for the Love Island’s villa, she said that she is all set to step on the girls’ toes to get the guy she wants for herself. Although she has decided not to split up Amy and Curtis but then any other Islander might not be spared. Maura also explained that she would go to all extremes for the guy she wants but the task might not be easy because a lot of the girls she has to beat in this way might be close friends. However, since you are in the villa to find love at the end of the day, so this might be justified.