SEO for Real Estate. A Practical Case Pretty Illustrative

SEO is not Everything; but if a Key Piece of Online Real Estate Marketing.

Some of my students have asked me to give some advice on SEO for real estate or how to increase traffic to your website.

I think it is best to present a real case study of an agency in the city of Lima to which I am advising on how SEO should be applied for real estate Pakistan.

Using the appropriate SEO strategy, the real estate agency’s website has gone from having an average of 447 visits per month to an average of 957 visits per month, the 1st month in which we apply SEO techniques. And this is just the beginning.

With a very tight budget, the real estate agency only captured clients on the internet with some ads in free classifieds and in 2 important real estate portals in Peru: and . Although its website was well designed, the website was only 6 months old and no SEO work had been done.

SEO for Real Estate. Use the Google Tool.

The first thing we did was use the Google Keyword Tool. An average of 447 visits per month was not bad if we consider that with only 6 months of life 78% were new visits and 22% visits were returning again. However, requests for information were very scarce and needed to be increased.

The first thing to do in an SEO strategy for real estate is to search for the most used keywords in Google search in your geographic area depending on the service and real estate products offered.

This real estate agency in Lima generates the majority of its income with rentals; so we used the Google Keyword Tool to find out what were the most used keywords when searching for rent in the city of Lima.

The results were very revealing. We obtained about 7 keywords that the agency was not using in the text of its website regarding rentals, or in its online advertising.

We found true pearls. For example:

  • mini-apartment rental in Lima = 1,000 searches / month
  • rent apartments lima = 1,000 searches / month
  • apartments for rent Lima = 880 searches / month
  • apartments for rent in Lima = 5,400 searches
  • rent of houses in lima   = 720

(The number represents the average monthly searches).

To create the SEO strategy for real estate, we selected a total of 9 different keywords related to the rental of real estate in Lima and 5 keywords related to the purchase of real estate in the city of Lima. This to start. Better to focus on quality than quantity.

SEO for Real Estate. Use a Specialist.

The next step in the SEO strategy for real estate companies was to redesign the website a bit and include these keywords, strategically, in the text of each page.

Then we prepare a 100-150 word description of each page of the website, including search keywords related to the content of the page. And finally, we contacted a freelance, SEO specialist, through the website

This SEO specialist for real estate manually created 30 PR9 SEO. Links The Best High Quality Google Page Rank for a cost of $ 25.

Every 15 days we ask this specialist to improve the ranking of each web page like Park View City by sending a description and 3 keywords of a particular page of the website.

The result, only with this easy, fast and very economical strategy, has been an average of 957 visits in the 1st month of printing the strategy. By the 3rd month (we are waiting for the end of the 4th month to have the exact number) , the website has already reached 1,462 visits per month.

For some, these figures may not be significant, but by the end of the year we expect organic visits to the website, (we will know through Google Analytics) , to exceed 7,000.

The cost of this SEO strategy for real estate has been, to date, $ 30 per month; A total of $ 120 dollars.

SEO for Real Estate. Increase Traffic with a Blog.

It should be said that improving SEO has increased requests for information and more is being sold. Now you have a budget to invest in Google Adwords and Facebook.

Of course, this advertising will increase visits to the website, but the important thing here are visits from organic search ; in other words thanks to SEO.

However, what will greatly increase SEO for this real estate is the creation of a blog.  The blog is the most effective way to increase website traffic. It’s not just about posting interesting articles on the blog. You have to search for the keywords with more searches to buy a house or apartment in several areas of Lima and write the article with those keywords.

For example, this article has the keyword “SEO for real estate” and you are reading it, because you found it on Google by typing this keyword or a similar one. If you look at the article, the keyword appears in the title, in each subtitle and from time to time enter the text.

Sometimes including it in the text is not easy; That is why it seems to you that the phrase “… SEO for real estate …” is not within a grammar context that is quite correct. This is because I need to put this keyword with an adequate density in the text to get the maximum SEO.

This is precisely what Sky Marketing Islamabad does when it writes its articles with keywords. That is why we know that before the end of the year the website will have more than 7,000 visits organically.

An SEO strategy for real estate is much more profitable to increase traffic, than a promotional campaign in social media and search engines. It is certainly cheaper.

Please share this post with your colleagues and leave us a comment . What is the part of SEO for real estate that is more difficult for you? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.